2 thoughts on “The Best Ways To Care For A Weave”

  1. Hi, Stephanie.

    Will you be airing posts concerning the care of natural hair? Also, do you have any recommendations for a sturdy hair brush to use with blow drying? Each one I have tried are plastic and tend to wilt in a short period of time. Thanks.

    1. Hi Mrs. G,
      I don’t know when I will create a post about caring for natural hair, but I will be launching an online course soon concerning the care of hair, in general, pertaining to hair growth and enhancing your products specifically for you through the use of essential oils. Stay tuned. As far as a good blow dry brush, I like to use sturdy vent brushes for blow drying natural hair. Here is a good one that I recommend. https://amzn.to/2JsRs4c
      I hope this is helpful.

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