Vitamin Booster

This powerful liquid is full of vitamins and essential oils which is made perfect for nourishing dry brittle hair and promotes new hair growth to thinning and balding spots with dormant hair follicles. A little goes a long way. 1-2 pumps of Vitamin Booster is all that is needed. It can be used on dry ends to give the hair a smooth, nourished look.


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Types of Hair

Fine, Medium, Coarse, Relaxed, Permed, Color Treated, Dry

*Not for oily hair

For years, I have been looking for hair products that would not weigh down my hair. After becoming a client of The Hair Care Company, I was recommended the Vitamin booster

The Hair Care Company’s Vitamin Booster game my hair the extra shine and moisture it needed without leaving my hair feeling or looking greasy. Then, with much success from using the Vitamin Booster, I also tried The Hair Care Company’s Hair and Scalp Hydrator. It moisturized my scalp without the problem of weighing my hair down. Also, as an added bonus, I saw HAIR GROWTH!!! This has impressed me greatly, to know that I finally found products that work for my hair without disadvantage.

Jenease Bridges