The Ultimate Dandruff Shampoo

Picking a great dandruff shampoo can be tough. I should know, I used to have the worst dandruff…and it was so embarrassing.

My collar and shirt would be filled with the ugliest looking beige, kinda yellowish flakes that were well…just gross. People were constantly saying to me, “Hey, you’ve got something on your shirt,” and commence to dusting me off.

I was always so self-conscious about my appearance, and could never find a shampoo that would work. The problem was the ingredients that were in the shampoo.

Being an African American woman with relaxed hair, oily dandruff is not what I suffered from, but an extremely dry scalp was the culprit.

All of the shampoos that I used was made for oily dandruff and contained antiseptics, which caused more drying.

Most of the dandruff shampoos on the market have a tingling sensation, and we that have dry scalp seem to think that this is a help to us. Actually, it’s causing more harm than good.

The antiseptic, which is the most ingredients that cause a tingling sensation, is designed to draw oil out of the scalp, which made my scalp drier.

What needed to be done was an attack on the dryness.

Dandruff needs to be treated like a dry skin condition such as psoriasis or dermatitis. And an antiseptic is the last thing you would use on dry skin.

So what’s the answer? Kill the bacteria that is causing the dryness.

I have dry skin all over my body, and over the years I’ve found out that Dead Sea Mud has dramatic effects on people with dry skin.

Dead Sea Mud has miraculous healing properties. Not only will it cure the dry scalp, but it can also cure oily dandruff if that is your issue.

So I thought, hey, why not shampoo my hair with Dead Sea Mud? Seems like a good idea, but there’s only one problem…Dead Sea Mud is not gentile on the hair at all.

How could I incorporate a shampoo with Dead Sea Mud, and let it be gentle on the hair?

Essential Oils, that’s how. Essential Oils help to buffer the strong nature of the mud while still providing the hair with much-needed nourishment…And The Hair Care Company Problem Solver Shampoo was born.

Problem Solver Shampoo is an all-natural, sulfate-free, dead sea mud enriched shampoo.

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With extended use, it can dramatically improve and most times cure dry scalp and excessive dandruff. This shampoo has also been known to greatly improve scalp conditions such as scalp psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and folliculitis.

Problem Solver Shampoo $22.50

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Here are some testimonies of the wonderful results this product has given:

I have had dry, itchy and very flaky scalp for so long that I gave up on

trying to figure out what was going on with it. I have taken vitamin

supplements, used every Tea Tree & Sulfur product manufactured as well as

seen numerous dermatologists to attempt to rectify the problem. Then comes

along this “Problem Solver Shampoo”, (Miracle in a bottle for real) and it

literally wipes out every flake in my crown. As a Professional Singer, it’s

important to me to always look good on stage and on camera. With this

amazing product, I’ve gotten the results I’ve longed for. Thank God for The

Hair Care Company and their hard work at researching natural and organic

ingredients to produce top notch products. I am very grateful!!

Lanee’ Battle

Professional Singer/Songwriter

As a first time Mommy there were several things that were new to me, and my son’s cradle cap was perhaps the most frustrating. I tried all the home remedies & even took my pediatrician’s advice & used Selsun Blue in my nine week old son’s head. But nothing worked. I was getting my hair done & thought to myself “I’ve asked everyone except for the specialist herself.” I explained my frustration to Stephanie & she produced a bottle of the Problem Solver. Within two shampoos my son’s cradle cap was a thing of the past! I no longer dealt with huge white flakes sticking to his scalp & shedding on his clothes. He’s now 2 & flake free!


Hi Stephanie! Just wanted to follow up with you to let you know that my hair is doing much better. It seems to be growing back especially in the front where it was receding, its less dry/flaky therefore I don’t have to wash it as much….Thank God! I plan on seeing you real soon for another treatment. Just so you know, I stopped using the prescription shampoo as yours seems to be exactly what I needed. Hope all is well with you and yours! Thanks so much for your help!

Sincerely, Natasha

When using this shampoo, you want to follow a few simple directions to get the best results.

Before shampooing, lift the scales gently from the scalp with a brush or small tooth comb being sure not to break the skin on the scalp.

Wet the hair thoroughly

Shake the shampoo bottle well and work the hair into a lather. (Remember sulfate-free shampoo may not lather as much on the first shampoo. DO NOT ADD MORE PRODUCT. Rinse of topical dirt and lather again)

Massage the scalp well with the fingertips or Shampoo Brush for 2 to 3 minutes making sure that you pay special attention to any area that may be extra dry or oily

Rinse and repeat 2 to 3 times

Condition and style as usual

I like to use a shampoo brush when I shampoo my hair. I gently lift the scales from my scalp as well as relieves the severe itching that I experience. I highly recommend the Fuller Shampoo Brush. It’s sturdy, made of good material, and feels great on the scalp.

This shampoo has been an answered prayer to many who suffer from oily and dry dandruff. Give this product a try, I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

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