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How And When To Deep Condition Your Hair


Deep conditioning your hair can be a confusing task. What kind should I use for my hair type? How often should I deep condition? Is it possible to over-condition my hair?


In an article by The Curl Whisperer on deep conditioning treatments, she says “Typically, most people refer to “deep treatments” when they are referring to hair preparations that contain heavy moisturizers and emollients, and that usually does not include proteins in their formulations. However, it is important that you check product labels as more and more manufacturers are blurring the lines between “protein treatments” and “deep treatments.” A deep treatment chock full of protein will do more harm than good for certain types of hair. For now, when I refer to deep treatments, I am referring to any type of deep conditioning treatment that does not contain protein.”   Read More


Too much protein on any type of hair can be damaging, and pure protein should only be used in extreme shedding and breaking cases. But you do want to make sure that you have a monthly or bi-monthly routine for deep conditioning your hair.



Whatever your hair type, just remember that regular deep conditioning treatments should be a part of your consistent hair care routine.