Does Relaxer Damage Your Hair?


A question that I often get is “Does relaxer damage your hair?” And the gist of it is “YES”…but all chemicals are damaging to your hair to a certain extent.


It’s not the relaxer necessarily that is the most damaging, but the person that is applying the product that does the most damage.


Improper use is when the damage occurs. I know many of you are doing your hair yourself, so I figured I might as well help you out.


The first thing we are going to start with is the difference in relaxers. There are lye relaxers and no-lye relaxers. Some people are under the impression that no-lye relaxers are safer on the hair, but that is a misguided statement.


I choose not to use a no-lye relaxer often because the residue it will leave on the hair causes it to feel like straw. Most times, no base relaxer is the way to go and I’ll tell you why.  Just check out the video below to find out more.




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