5 Reasons Why Palmer’s Dry Shampoo Is Great For Women Of Color

palmer's dry shampoo


In the past, dry shampoo for women of color has not always been the easiest thing to find. But now there is a new dry shampoo on the market by Palmer’s that works great on African American hair. Whether you are an avid work out guru, or jus need some freshening up in between cleanings, this product is perfect for you.

Here are 5 reasons why dry shampoo is great for women of color.

  1. Great For Relaxed And Natural Hair

Traditionally, dry shampoos are not always “dry,” so to ¬†speak, they are called dry because they don’t require the use of water. Yet dry shampoos that are wet such as a mousse or spritz style will still leave the hair damp. Not anymore, this dry shampoo comes in an aerosol, leaves no wet feel, and won’t cause the hair to frizz or puff.

2. The Product Is Dark Colored Making It Easier To Conceal

Dry shampoos that are not a mousse or spritz are usually made of oil absorbing flakes that are white in color like a traditional talc. This makes it more difficult to brush out and conceal. The dark color is perfect for brown and black colored hair.

3. Absorbs Oils Giving The Hair A Fresh Smell

This product absorbs oil like it’s a talc. When natural and artificial oils are removed from the hair and scalp, it eliminates odor. This can give you a freshly shampoo look, feel, and smell. If you are short on time and looking to freshen your hair up, this product is ideal for you.

4. Gives Great Body

Once the topical dirt and oils are removed from the hair, it allows it not to be weighed down giving it more body and bounce. Isn’t that what we all want?

5. Perfect For People Who Work Out

If keeping your hair intact is the main reason why you are not working out, now you have fewer excuses. Carry this in your gym bag, and once your hair has dried after the work out, spray this through the hair, brush thoroughly, and style as usual. This will carry you over to your next shampoo or appointment with your stylist.


Keep in mind that dry shampoo is not a permanent substitute for cleansing your hair with shampoo and water, and of course you want to do regular conditioning treatments. But this will give you the added boost you need to hold you over. Take a look below at a video demonstrating the product and take advantage of the bundle deal with all the product and tools you need to keep your hair fresh.