How To Effectively Moisturize Natural and Relaxed Hair

Moisturizing natural and relaxed hair have been a challenge for women of color for many years. Not to mention what permanent haircolor does to the luster of hair. 

The many times I have struggled with putting enough “grease” on my hair to where it doesn’t feel like straw, but not too much to where it looks like I could fry chicken with the excess. 

All of that has now changed. No more running your fingers through your hair feeling like one of the strands might slice through your skin, or thinking you could possible scour some pots and pans with it.

I have a brand new product dropping after Labor Day. This is a great product my clients have been waiting for me to sell. I have been offering this treatment to some for a few years and one client, in particular, has inspired this product.

It took some time to get the formula just where I wanted it and a little more time to find the right bottle…but it’s finally done. Take a look at the video below to learn about this product that has helped to get dry hair and scalp under control. 

Give your hair and scalp the moisture it’s been craving.

 Tasha’s Moisture Treatment, inspired by a long-time client of The Hair Care Company, is perfect for natural as well as chemically processed hair that feels dry, brittle, and lacks softness and shine.

The combination of essential oils and aloe vera will help restore moisture to a dry, flaky, and tight feeling scalp as well as helping to make natural and relaxed hair not feel so hard and straw-like. 

Simply apply the mixture before shampooing to a dry scalp with the applicator and massage into the hair. Place cotton coil around the hairline and put a plastic cap over the hair. Sit under a medium to hot dryer or heating cap for 20 minutes. Shampoo, instant condition, and style as usual. (May also be kept on overnight.)

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