Get Ready To Level Up Your Business!

Hi, I’m Stephanie

I have been a licensed hairstylist for over 25 years. I am a salon owner, cosmetology instructor, hair care industry freelance consultant, and I’ve had my own all-natural hair care product line since 2005.

I’ve helped many clients regain their hair after loss due to chemical damage, medications, chronic conditions, or severe scalp problems and have gotten them back on the path of healthy hair. But I’ve noticed there aren’t many hairstylist creating their own products and solving client hair loss and scalp issues, and I’d like to change that!

There are clients right now that are looking for a solution to their hair and scalp problems…and you can be the answer! It’s your time to create your products now. Launch your products now. Get results now. Because you’re ready now!

I’m inviting you to work with me…so I can help you create your own natural hair care products, help clients with hair and scalp issues, grow your business, and make money in a way that works for you.

It’s an amazing feeling when you SAY you’re gonna do something and actually DO it. I’m inviting you to enroll in The Holistic Hairstylist Course and be the version of yourself who says I DID IT!

What You Will Learn?


You will successfully be able to analyze the common cause of hair loss and scalp ailments due to chemical damage, aggressive hairstyling techniques, allergies, medications, chronic conditions, and alopecia.


Once you learn to recognize, you will learn to choose and mix the proper measurements of natural ingredients and essential oils to create specialized hair care products with appropriate  bottling and storage.


The biggest struggle in creating effective hair products is knowing what the clients need. You will learn how to calculate a formula through proper client consultations along with record keeping, recommendations, and instructions.


Once you’ve learned how to create products and conduct consultations it’s time to market. Logo creation, labeling, and speaking to your client’s wants while giving them what they need will lead to your first sales.

What You'll Receive!

  • 6-Week Live Online Course

  • Personal Instruction

  • Holistic Scalp Specialist Certificate of Completion

  • Understanding Hair Loss Guide

  • Stephanie’s Hair Treatment Recipe Booklet

Winter Session Begins February 1, 2021

Pay In Full (You’ll save $53.00 off + receive a BONUS SESSION with me. Price: $597.00

Monthly Payment Plan: 2 Payments of $325.00

What Clients Are Saying!

I have been a client of Stephanie for over 10 years. Her persistence in demanding that I am educated on hair health has been a lifesaver for me. With my busy schedule, I cannot always make it to the salon on a consistent basis due to my travels. Her teachings have helped me be able to keep my hair in a healthy state when I am away. I have been able to consult with other stylists on set and help guide them to what is best for my hair when I have television interviews out of town. I never worry about what may happen to my hair when myself or someone else has to care for it. Stephanie has equipped me with the knowledge necessary to keep my hair in top condition. Learning from her is one of the best things you can do for the health of your hair.
Kia F.
Film/TV Producer
Stephanie Johnson's customized hair treatment works wonders on my hair! My hair is naturally 4C and below shoulder length. Maintenance and Detangling were always a struggle, and I'd have to use 3-4 different products just to be able to manage my hair. My hair is now more manageable and healthy than I've ever seen it in my life! You can tell the treatment is made with natural products, unlike common beauty supply store products . I would 100% recommended that everyone try customized hair care products.
Tiffani J.