Hair Secrets Resources

Bulk Skin Care

Bulk skincare is a company that I use for an unscented sulfate-free shampoo. I have used other shampoos from various companies, but I’ve found out that this one is the best for being gentle on the hair and mixes well with added essential oils. To access their site click here.

Bulk Apothecary

Bulk Apothecary is my go-to company for essential oils, carrier oils, base conditioner, shea butter, aloe vera liquid gel, and Vitamin E oil. I have found this company gives you the best quality at reasonable prices. To access their site click here.

Essential Wholesale & Labs

Essential Wholesale is the company I go to when Bulk Apothecary is out of stock for a certain ingredient I need, or Bulk Apothecary does not carry it. Essential Wholesale is a little pricier than most, but the quality is top-notch and you will not be disappointed. To access their site click here.

SKS Bottle & Packaging

SKS is the best place to purchase dark-colored bottles and jars if you are looking to store some of your formulas. This is a bulk bottling company, so unless you are looking to give or sell some of your formulas, I don’t suggest you shop for bottles and jars with this company. To access their site click here.

Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace, of course, is the best place to go to search for better pricing on essential oils and is the best place to purchase individual dark-colored bottles and jars. Since Amazon is a large and vast website, it can be a little confusing to go to the right places. Below is a link that will take you to a landing page of the right section you need to be in for producing your own scalp treatments.

Amazon Marketplace

Good Luck in all your endeavors, and I wish you great success on your healthy hair journey.