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Why Luxurious Hair Starts With The Scalp

I know I’ve been there, what about you?

Dealing with dry, breaking, thinning, lifeless hair. Having that graveyard of a drawer or cabinet full of hair products that doesn’t do what’s promised.

You’ve tried everything from shampoos to leave-in tonics and nothing seems to work.

Your hair feels like straw, your scalp like dry cracked desert ground, and everywhere you go there’s evidence of your shedding hair for people to remember you by.

You refuse to lose hope, so you drive to the nearest beauty supply, Target, or CVS in hopes of this time finding that magic product that will solve all your problems.

You talk to the “specialist” on staff and she suggests that this newest product, just arrived on the market, is the answer you’ve been looking for.

You purchase it, get home, and follow the directions to a tee only to find out 6 weeks later that this miracle product doesn’t work on you. And there’s a reason why…

You Have To Start At The Source

Yes, good nutrition is always beneficial as well as drinking lots of water and getting in moderate exercise. But if your scalp has not been cared for properly, the new hair that surfaces will struggle to survive in a not so friendly environment.

Let me give you an example: Let’s pretend your hair is grass, and your scalp is an empty lot. Now, let’s put two lots side by side cared for by two different landscapers.

The first landscaper clears the lot of all debris, tills the ground to soften it up, fertilizes and treats it with weed killer to prepare it for planting grass seed.

The second landscaper just picks up big pieces of debris, throws down grass seed, and waters it.

What do you think the outcome of each lot will be?

Well I’ll tell you…the first lot will be very empty and clean and in a short period of time healthy green grass will grow.

The second lot will have some growth of grass, but it will struggle to be strong and healthy. Why…because the ground wasn’t prepared for the grass to thrive.

Also, keep in mind that the first lot will have to periodically be cleaned and fertilized to keep the grass vibrant and blooming.

That’s exactly how the scalp is linked together with hair. If you do not “clear debris, till, and treat it,”  periodically, it will not have the best environment to live in and be healthy.

Topical Products and Elixirs Won’t Do the Trick. The Preparation Needs To Go Deeper.

With the use of hair products, chemicals, and the natural scaling of skin, a build-up will happen that shampooing alone cannot remove. A microscopic layer that’s enough to block follicle openings on the scalp will cause new hair to struggle to break through the surface of the scalp.

When the new hair does make it to the light of day it has been put under so much stress that it is weakened, causing hair to be dry, brittle and lifeless.

So what’s the answer? How do you “till” your scalp so your hair lives in a healthy environment?

A deep cleaning and treatment. The same concept of how the landscaper of the first lot did it. This type of “deep cleaning and treatment can only be done by exfoliating your scalp.

And not just your basic exfoliation like with an exfoliating shampoo, but a system that not only removes the “debris,” but one that also “kills the weeds.”

Microscopic pic of scalp after shampoo
Microscopic pic of scalp after shampoo
Microscopic pic of scalp after exfoliation
Microscopic pic of scalp after exfoliation

It’s so much more than just removing product build-up and flakes on the scalp. You also need to kill any unhealthy bacteria that can cause scalp inflammation that often times shows up as scales and is mistaken for dry scalp or dandruff.

This is where The Hair Care Company® Scalp Exfoliating System comes to the rescue. This system contains sulfate free shampoo, conditioner, and two cutting edge products that are powerful all on their own. Just take a look at the system in action.

So let me just run down each product separately and let you know what they can do.

The Hair Care Company sulfate free clarifying shampoo
  1. Clarifying Shampoo

 A perfect sulfate free hair cleanser with 7 different base oils, pro-vitamin B-5 and keratin to gently cleanse and strengthen the cuticle of the hair.

$20.00 [wp_cart_button name=”Clarifying Shampoo” price=”20.00″]

The Hair Care Company Instant Daily Conditioner

2. Instant Daily Conditioner

A creamy conditioner with natural aloe vera to promote healing to damaged and dry hair. It’s a natural sunscreen that also soothes and moisturizes.

$15.00 [wp_cart_button name=”Instant Daily Conditioner” price=”15.00″]

The Hair Care Company Dead Sea Scalp Mask

3. Dead Sea Scalp Mask

This product is one of what I like to call the “Wonder Twins.” Enriched with Dead Sea Mud, chamomile, and other essential oils, this baby can hold its own with many hair products that are sold as prescription only. The chamomile soothes inflamed and irritated scalp, the Dead Sea Mud kills most harmful bacteria, heals chemically damaged scalp, improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins, and controls itchy scalp problems. This stuff is the best thing since sliced bread. I periodically have an inflamed and irritated scalp due to eczema from side effects of medications, and this does wonders when I apply it to my scalp and sit under a hair steamer for about 20 minutes. (If you don’t have a steamer, wrapping the hair in a hot towel is just as effective as shown in the video.) It helps to keep my scalp calm and controls the flaky scales. It’s a miracle in a jar.

$35.00 [wp_cart_button name=”Dead Sea Scalp Mask” price=”35.00″]

The Hair Care Company Scalp Sugar Scrub

4. Scalp Sugar Scrub

The second half of the “Wonder Twins” duo. This is exactly as it sounds. It’s an exfoliating sugar scrub designed specifically for the scalp that doesn’t cause damage to the hair. This shea butter based cream gently exfoliates peeling away product build-up, dead skin cells, and scaly flakes while providing the scalp with much-needed moisture. I don’t exfoliate the scalp every shampoo, (that can be a lot of work on a weekly basis), but I do treat my most stubborn eczema spots to keep my scalp under control. I do however recommend exfoliating the entire scalp at least 4 times a year to maintain scalp health.

$25.00 [wp_cart_button name=”Scalp Sugar Scrub” price=”25.00″]

The Hair Care Company Scalp Exfoliating System

The Scalp Exfoliating System

There is massive savings if you purchase all 4 products as a system. You can use the products in the system separately as needed or as an entire treatment as demonstrated in the video above. For many, the results have been miraculous. And as always there’s free shipping on all orders $30.00 and above in the U.S.

$65.00 [wp_cart_button name=”Scalp Exfoliating System” price=”65.00″]

Well, …that’s about it. 4 times a year is all you need if your scalp is relatively normal, and if you’re truly suffering from scalp problems this system is all natural. That means you can use it as much as needed until the problem is under control and then move to quarterly treatments.

This has been a life saver for many of my clients and myself as well. Do yourself a favor and give scalp exfoliation a try. You have nothing to lose, and a gorgeous head of hair to gain.

2 thoughts on “Why Luxurious Hair Starts With The Scalp”

  1. This is interesting! Do these products work on all types of hair? (I’m Caucasian with very fine hair and have lightened my hair in the past).

    1. Hi Esther, yes this has been very effective with fine hair you just would not use the sugar scrub only the scalp mask. The sugar scrub is a shea butter based product and would be too heavy. Gently lift any flakes you may have after shampooing and apply the mask to the scalp and wrap in a hot towel or sit under a steamer if you have one for about 15-20 minutes. If you’re using a hot towel heat a dampened towel in the microwave for about 30 seconds, wrap the hair and repeat 2 to 3 times to keep the towel producing steam. Then shampoo again, condition, and style as usual. I hope this was helpful.

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