Cuticle Sealer and Reconstructor

This deeply penetrating conditioner puts a seal over the cuticle of the hair to retard moisture. Perfect for natural hair… Helps keep physically straightened hair straight longer, and naturally curly hair from frizzing easily. Apply liberally over hair and place under a dryer with a cap or open steam for 20 minutes for the best results.


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Types of Hair

Not recommended for relaxed hair.

Fine, Medium, Coarse, Permed, Color Treated, Virgin, Oily, Dry

Satisfied Customer Testimonies

Stephanie suggested me a new softening conditioner for my hair, and after the first try, my hair remained very easy to manage the entire two weeks.

I am on my third shampoo (going into the third week), and I have not had to flat iron my entire hair every day like I used to. I have to specify that I haven’t had a relaxer since 2003.

Since I’ve had the conditioner put in, I stopped having my hair frizzing after showers, and I noticed that my hair has remained very soft and silky. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with natural hair. Even after three shampoos, I am still enjoying passing my fingers through my hair to feel the softness.

This is the best conditioner I’ve tried so far and it’s great!


Found my Summer Time Cure

I’m one of those girls who can’t get their hair done in the summer because the humidity and I are not friends…we hate each other. But one day I woke up tired of putting my hair in a bun I called my stylist and say I’m coming in.

Well, I’m sure glad I did because she had a new product for me to try….some new conditioner.  After washing, conditioning, and blowing dry you could already see the difference.

My hair had this shine to it and it was so soft. It was as if this conditioner put this magical seal on my hair. I remember thinking this could work.

So I leave the salon with my usual Hair Care Company bounce. But the difference was this new conditioner. It was like the humidity had no effect on my hair. My hair stayed perfect for 2 weeks….I couldn’t believe it I have now found a perfect product that allows me to continue looking good in the summer! I love it. Thanks.

Ashley Patrice