Finally, launch your own all-natural hair care products and get on the fast track to increase salon revenue and stand out in the industry!

Have you ever wanted to create your own hair care products? 

Would you like to MASSIVELY increase your income and impact? 

Making real money with your own hair care products is finally within reach.

Your clients aren’t just looking for a change, they want a transformation. They are tired of combing the beauty supply aisles for products that do not produce results.

I created my all-natural hair care line with little money, little time, and no private label company…and now it’s your turn!

My journey began when I deperately wanted to offer hair care products that truly worked. 

I was determined to “BE A BRAND,” so I hired an expensive private label company, launched my products, and hoped for the best.

My first launch was a complete FLOP that left me broke 😭. So I re-grouped, enrolled in Trichology school, and re-launched my hair care products.

Today, my custom blend products and treatments have helped countless clients tackle hair loss and scalp issues, and they absolutely love the results.

…And now I want to share my experience and knowledge with you.

My name is Stephanie Johnson

…and over the past 18 years, I’ve been creating and helping other hairstylists to create all-natural hair care products and treatments.

Through the years, I have seen all the ways to do things right and wrong, so I can save you so much time and effort doing it on your own.

Join my FREE live workshop to learn:

The 4 essential steps to creating effective hair care products

Why custom blend products are the game-changer in the hair care industry

The role of a Holistic Scalp Specialist

How hair care professionals have the edge over beauty supply stores and hair product companies

Here's what real salon professionals had to say about working with me!

I made the right decision when I signed up for Stephanie's class. She has provided me with the knowledge, confidende, and tools for branding and building my business. I highly recommend her classes.
Jennifer Howard
My clients love my custom scalp treatments, and I'm constantly getting rave reviews. Invest in yourself and your business..take the class!
Denise Moseley
Master Stylist

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your salon and increase revenue - register for the FREE live workshop!
Monday, May 22, 2023 @ 11am EST

    How long is the workshop?: About 1 hour

    Who is teaching?: Stephanie Johnson

    What does it costs?: This workshop is absolutely FREE

    Where will it take place?: Virtually, on video, over the internet. You will login with access details at the time of the workshop and watch LIVE!

    What if I can’t make it to the LIVE workshop?: No worries…register for the workshop and you will have access to view it for 48 hours.