3 Reasons Why Hairstylists Need To Step Up Their Game!

The other day I was going over my emails and received a question from one of my followers on my Facebook Business Page. As always, and it never fails, I was asked about what hair products they should buy for a particular hair or scalp problem they’re having.

And of course, that always leads me to segue into introducing products customized and formulated to help them. Keep in mind, it’s not just my followers, but also clients that sit in my chair.

Why am I telling you this? Well, it’s because we… hair care professionals…are leaving so much money on the table and working ourselves to mere exhaustion just to get that bag 💰 …and we don’t have to.

So…I’m gonna list you 3 Reasons Why We Need To Step Up Our Game!

  1. The hair care industry generates about $15 billion in the United States alone – there is money to be made. And although we are the engine that makes the industry go, we are also the lowest man on the totem pole when it comes to generating revenue. The average full-time hairstylist in the US makes about $35,000 a year, yet we get all our supplies and refer our clients to independent beauty supply houses that rake in millions per year. (There’s something wrong with that!)
  2. The African-American hair care industry is estimated to exceed the $2.5 billion mark – this excludes hair accessories, wigs, extensions, and more. African-Americans spend an enormous amount of money just on hair care products. You could be making that money and keeping your clients satisfied with the products you create and that work.
  3. African-American spending in hair care will increase by 10% by 2024 – this means there’s room to grow. If you position yourself now, you can easily get to the point where you are matching or even exceeding the income you are making slaving behind the chair.

Bottom line – we should be making this money for ourselves. The hair care industry would not be what it is today without hairstylists. It’s our skill and creativity that causes consumers to search for that “perfect product” to give them that beautiful hair of the pretty model they saw in the latest magazine. (That a professional styled I might add.)

We not only can give them that style, but we have the ability to create the products that will give their hair exactly what it needs…that’s what the beauty supplies and product companies are missing. A personal relationship with the client!

We have the edge and I want to change the dynamics of the hair care industry and bring the money back to the hairstylist.

I am now enrolling for my winter session 2021 of The Holistic Hairstylist where I teach you how to create your own all-natural hair care line in 6 weeks and give your clients actual results. If you are ready to level up your business and your income, click on the link below and book a free 15-minute phone call with me and let’s discuss your future and see if this course is right for you.

This is a 6-week long, live, interactive course with personal attention, so space is limited. Book your call soon.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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