Welcome to The Hair Care Company

A New Approach To Healthy Hair!

Who We Are

Here at The Hair Care Company, we believe that hair care is not “one size fits all.” We look at the whole of a person instead of just the symptoms of hair and scalp conditions.

Our mission is to empower people of African descent with the knowledge needed to produce the healthiest head of hair possible.

What We Do

For the Non-Professional

Thinning, breaking, and brittle hair is a challenge many women of African descent face. By providing guided, practical training, we help arm the non-professional with the knowledge needed to keep their hair healthy in a world of endless hair products and tools.

4 Steps To Creating Your Own All-Natural Hair Care Line

If you’re a hair care professional, you know that offering your clients all-natural products is the way to go. Not only are they better for their health, but they’re also better for the environment. But what if you could create your own all-natural hair care line?

In this free masterclass, you’ll learn how to create your own hair care products, increase your salon revenue, and stand out in the industry in just 6 weeks.


woman on laptop booking appointment

Virtual Online Consultation and Custom Treatments

Book your virtual consultation for a 45 minute video session to discuss your hair and scalp concerns. Video consultations can now be accessed through your mobile Android or IOS device or your home desktop computer. You will receive a customized at-home maintenance guide, 4 customized treatments, nutritional guidance, and other product and tools recommendations. It is required to fill out a questionnaire when booking the consultation appointment. Online consultations are available for the United States and international clients.