About Our Products

The Hair Care Company® hair care products are 100% all-natural, designed to replace the natural vitamins and nutrients in the hair that have been removed due to chemical and other environmental factors.

We use 100% pure essential oils in all our products to maximize the benefits of healing hair and scalp problems. Through our holistic scalp treatment and custom blend programs, most scalp ailments can be cured without the use of prescription drugs. Out at home maintenance products will help keep your hair healthy and shiny.

The Hair Care Company Scalp Exfoliating System

The Hair Care Company® addresses a variety of hair concerns such as dry scalp, brittleness, breakage, and heat damage.

The Hair Care Company® product line active ingredients are chosen for their beautifying and healing properties. Natural ingredients are potent and they give lasting results that yield shining, glowing, healthy hair.

The cure comes from the goodness of nature combined with ingredients that are all-natural. The aromas will treat your senses, and the ingredients produce healthy, beautiful hair.

Choosing the correct products for your hair can seem to be a daunting task. Our website can help you determine the products best suited for your hair type and recommend specialized treatments to target scalp conditions such as alopecia, dermatitis, and thinning hair. We also offer custom blend products that come complete with full hair and scalp virtual consultation to determine and create hair care products to meet your specific needs.

Experience what national and international celebrities have known for years. You too can have and maintain beautiful hair through regular exercise, a healthy diet, and most importantly, using all-natural hair care products.

“Attempting to be more conscious of what I put in my body and products I used, especially in my hair, brought me to The Hair Care Company. I had been looking fro a stylist who could repair damaged hair and help point me in the right direction of products that were both healthy and effective. I was very excited to find out that they hair their own naturally made products that could be used on every type of hair. I bought a number of products from The Hair Care Company including the Problem Solver Shampoo, Instant Daily Conditioner, and Vitamin Booster just to name a few.

Although I had seen these products being used in the salon, I wasn’t sure how they would work at home. I mean these are professional hairstylist, they know how to work their magic on anyone’s hair. I was pleasantly surprised when I actually put the products to use at my own home. Not only have the products been very effective in helping my dry scalp problem, they also smell amazing!! I always get compliments on how my hair smells and looks when I use their products. I have recommended the products to too many friends to count and I will continue to do so. They are great products and they really work!!”

Nikesha Davis, Satisfied Customer

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